Warehouse – IRS Relo

Warehouse – IRS Relo

IRS Relo is a company specialized in national and international moves providing terrestrial transport, by sea and by air; international relocation service, warehouse, moving, transportation, relocation, etc.

Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc.
Warehouses allow transport optimization along the supply chain, and allow companies to work with an optimal inventory; (economic order quantity) regarding service quality. For example, at the terminal point of a transport system it is necessary to stockpile produce until a full load can be transported. Warehouses can also be used to store the unloaded goods from the vessel.

In industries whose goods require a period of maturation between production and retail; such as viniculture and cheesemaking, warehouses can be used to store the goods in large quantities. (source: Wikipedia)

Our team specializes in providing our clients with full visibility to their supply chain. Through integration with our clients’ ERPs, we deploy the following technologies to support their distribution networks.

  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Transportation Operations Management
  • Freight Tendering
  • Web Site Reporting
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • RFID


IRS Relo’s experienced supply chain leaders provide a fresh perspective for clients who are interested in overall process improvement. Focusing on continuous improvement and problem solving comes naturally for IRS Relo’s consultants.

About IRS Relo Warehouse:

  • A leading & professional manufacturer of storage shelving & racking
  • More than 10 years experience in the field of producing storage metal racks.
  • Our factory covers over 11, 000 square meters.
  • More than 100 professional and experienced staffs.
  • exclusive manufacturing machines and equipment.
  • Production capacity up to 1,500 tons every month.

IRS Relo ofera manipularea completa a operatiunilor de depozitare de la controlul calitatii la managementul ambalajelor.

IRS Relo ofera clientilor o expertiza extinsa prin crearea si implementarea solutiilor de depozitare. Pentru a optimiza fluxurile fizice si de informare,  oferim expertiza logistica, instrumentele si infrastructura proprie.

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